Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 6- iTunes and Technology!

Alice Christie’s Website
On Dr. Christie’s website, I was immediately drawn to her Photography section. I know, you might think, “How can pictures be a resource to you?” BUT, I think pictures can be a resource because she also lists some resources for technology and cameras. Technology is a huge part in pictures because images can be changed drastically at the click of a button!

I like photography, and it can be useful to me as a teacher. Photography can become anything, literally. I can change a picture to where it will look nothing like the original. Pictures are useful in teaching, because it can give kids something to look forward too. At my afterschool care, my kids love when I take pictures of them and then show it to them. Kids are kids and depending on the age, you can either have fun with pictures in teaching, or you can teach kids how to edit pictures themselves. I want to incorporate art when I teach.

iTunes U
Here is a link that lets you learn about what iTunes U is CLICK HERE
I think iTunes U can be helpful, because some schools may post all their lectures online, which will help a student out. But also it can help professors because they can learn new things about how to teach or what to teach. I use iTunes a lot, I don’t use iTunes U a lot, but I think if you know how to use iTunes, then you are good to go.

I think iTunes U is very helpful for someone who uses technology a lot in learning. I don’t use it to be honest, I am more of a google person (oops), but regardless, everyone can find something useful for them. Itunes U is a great way to learn new things and help out with everyday learning.

Use for iPods in learning
CLICK HERE is the link where I found Apple’s article about how iTunes U and other apple products can be used for school. iPods can be useful because you can download podcasts. I download podcasts from church and you can just pop your headphones in your ears or listen to it in your car.

Duke University has an article about an experiment they did with iPods in instructions. The link is CLICK HERE . There is no better way explain it myself than just quoting what Duke said “Audio‐intensive courses reported that the iPod increased the frequency and depth of student interaction with audio course content through portable and flexible access offered by the iPod. Initial planning for academic iPod use focused on audio playback; however, digital recording capabilities ultimately generated the highest level of student and faculty interest. Recording was the most widely used feature for academic purposes, with 60% of first‐year students reporting using the iPod’s recording ability for academic purposes. “

Technology Literate Teachers
I will be honest, I have not use a wiki since I signed up, and it scared me to use it. I did not make changes or add to it, but I was scared. Isn’t that awful? But back to the purpose, I think that teachers should be technologically literate, but they don’t have to breathe and live technology. Some can only understand so much. I have my views on what one should be and I know what I will be when I start teaching. Some may like my ideas and others may not, but we are all different! I want to teach fourth grade. I don’t think I am going to be using twitter and skype and blogs with them, but if they learn how to do that on their own, then that’s great!


  1. I agree with you about your ideas about techonology use in the classroom not being someone's else ideas and that is OK. We are going to school to learn how to teach and be relevant. There are many ways to reach a child and we will need to be well rounded to reach all children. Technology is only one aspect of being well rounded. I have learned alot in this class but I still think personal interaction with the children is still the best teaching too we have.

  2. I've been using iTunes for my church podcast as well and now I love iTunes U! I use google most of the time as well, but if I really want to know something at a deeper level I search iTunes U now. I agree that some can only learn so much with technology and it doesn't need to be used all the time. Certain occasions will be fun to pull out skype or create blogs with them though! I like the fact that you will be pulling art and photography into the classroom, I wish I could be more artistic. Great post! :)