Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 4- How does learning look in the 21st century?

I looked at an article on the Langwitches Blog titled "Take the Technology Out of the Equation". This article posed the questions, "How do we teach students how to learn? How do we motivate and engage learners? How do we create a climate where learning is valued, not test scores or a covered text book?" I want to inspire students and not just teach them, but help them learn. Teachers need to have common ground and the priority should be STUDENT LEARNING. The wordle picture above shows how learning looks in the 21st century.

I like this quote from the article as well because i love music. "Technology Integrators becoming 'conductors' in order to empower teachers to support learners."

So, the word technology scares some people, but others love it. The main priority thought is having students learn. Technology and traditional ways of teaching are something administrators are always going to disagree with. However, put that aside and as long as the students are learning, that's all that matters.


  1. I admire the fact that you want to not only teach the students but to inspire and help them which is really important. Every students need inspirations to help them get through life. They use these inspirations to build self-confidence to help them succeed in whatever they need to accomplish. I know I use my inspirations! Great Blog!!

  2. Learn You have got it! Technology can help. But it is not the objective. Well done.