Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 6- Comments 4 Kids

For this week (2/15-2/21), I had a class blog to comment on. Click here for their link . The blog post I had for them was entitled "Healthy Workshops". They were learning different workshops such as yoga, aerobics, basketball. It looked like a lot of fun. This was not for PE, but for their class! I was really impressed with that. And that is exactly what I left for them in my comment. I also said to keep up the good work because I didn't get that as a kid. I even told them my favorite workshop would be the yoga!


  1. Hello my name is Graeme McCafferty (or Mr. McCafferty) to my students. Thanks a lot for leaving a post on our class blog (I am the teacher of the blog you left this comment on by the way). My children love getting comments and they were extremely excited about this one all the way from America! We were interested to find out more about what you do, and feel free to pass our blog around your friends so we can get more comments about our innovative classroom and topics! Thanks Graeme.

  2. Absolutely! This EDM class is actually called "Micro-computing Systems", Dr. John Strange is my teacher, but basically we just learn all about the technology out there to help with our education. My class is for future teachers and I am pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. We are about to make podcasts, use twitter, and a ton of other things involved with technology in education. Hope your class keeps up the good work and never stops learning!

  3. Thanks, keep watching our blog as we are starting podcasting and animation in year 4 after the easter holidays. We are also using the Nintendo Wii in a Games Based Learning topic, ask your lecturer if he has had any experience with this before, the children are really engaged and focused on their learning. I would love to know how to fit twitter into the classroom so let me know your ideas and I will try and implament them in my class.