Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PLN- Personal Learning Network

Personal Learning Network

I have created my personal learning network using Twitter! It is very interested how it all unfolds. I was browsing through the class syllabus and opened up Dr. Strange’s PLN document. I learned how to set mine up and I found a teacher on that document, Beth Still who had 50 teachers everyone should follow on Twitter for their PLN. I started following all of those teachers, and I check my twitter throughout the day on my phone a few times a day. I don’t remember the teacher, but one of her tweets was about Google Documents and Google Earth. A lot of the stuff I can relate to and are doing in this EDM class. And some of the websites are interesting. I never thought I would get use out PLNs, but look at me now! I am not obsessed, but I am still learning and just browsing right now, but when I am a teacher, it will be very helpful!

Here is the list of all the People I am following on twitter is you want to follow also. These are their usernames. Type in on the Internet for the web address http://www.twitter.com/whatever their username is, or search for them in twitter by using the symbol @username.

karlfisch, kdumont, shareski, mwesch, mguhlin, chrislehmann, hdiblasi, isteconnects, kjarrett, LarryFerlazzo, jwindsor, budtheteacher, teach42, MikeGras, oswego98, Edu4U, lkolb, AngelaMaiers, ddrapper, bbarreda, plnaugle, jutecht, dstall, SuzanneWhistler, ScottElia, watcanz, wfryer, rmbyrne, mcleod, kellyhines, timlauer, woscholar, pgeorge, Astro_Mike, principalspage, canyonsdave, garystager, Web20Classroom, tomwhitby, paulrwood, lthumann, courosa, rickweinberg, HallDavidson, edutopia, bengrey, dianafingal, WendyDrexler, teachakidd, bethstill

Hope this helps! Don’t freak out about making a PLN, it is kind of fun and I am still getting used to it!


  1. Hi Amberly,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my student's blog. They are thrilled to see they are writing for an authentic audience. Thanks for also following me on Twitter! Best of luck to you!

  2. Excellent post. A great example for other students.

    And you are getting a national audience as well.I see you have Ms. Kolbert on your PLN!