Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 5- Wikipedia and Learning!

All of the teachers I have had in high school through now hate Wikipedia. I never really understood why until I came across one article myself that suddenly randomly mentioned hotdogs. I’m serious; I was researching something for school and then that popped up in the middle of the sentence. I have been told that Wikipedia is not the most reliable source, but if you see an icon at the top that looks like a lock then it is usually reliable because people cannot change or edit something that is locked. But who knows?!

I like that someone invented a scanner type thing to trace to see who changed things. I never use Wikipedia for school, I do sometimes if I’m researching something randomly and am desperate for any answer. I do not thing it is a trustful and resourceful website for anything important though.

"What I've Learned This Year" by Mr. McClung
I loved reading this post, because it can help me now! Be flexible, communicate, be reasonable, stay positive, listen to students, and NEVER stop learning. I love all those ideas. No one is perfect, and we shouldn’t expect that of our students. We are teachers, we have to help them and train them, and encourage them to be the best that they can be! Let’s communicate with our students and take an interest in their lives, they love to tell stories about their dog or something they ate, just random things. We never know, they may not get that attention at home. I hope I never get in a rut when I teach. I want to learn things with my students and always have fun. This blog really inspired me and I think it will help me now with my daycare!


  1. I also have used Wikipedia in the same sort of way. If I am desperate for a quick answer or just need a general understanding of a subject I will use it. I would never use it as a reliable source though, and I don't know a teacher that would except it as one.

  2. I use Wikipedia all the time. But I am super cautious when it comes to politics/politicians/businesses. Just keep your brain on and eyes open. It is always good to double check everything. I don't know any source that does not have a bias or a point of view. That includes me! So treat every source as suspect!

    Mr. McClung is a good friend. I hope to have him Skype us this semester.

  3. I love your picture - cute! I don't trust Wikipedia every since I found out that anyone can change or add info. I guess it is ok for a quick source but I would not quote it as truth. I love Mr. McClung's site. I loved that he named his mistakes - because we will all make them - and he learned from them. I hope I can be that kind of teacher!