Friday, March 26, 2010

April 4, 2010 Blog Assignment- Kaia

As I read these posts, it is amazing to think where these social networks can take us. Technology is mind-boggling. The exposing of ourselves is sometimes hard to grasp. In Kaia’s blog, she said, “My daddy was trying to teach me that sometimes if we look closely at things, even if they are discarded and ugly, they can be beautiful, if we look at them right.” Think of how many people could come across our twitter accounts, facebook, and blogs. There is world that can reach us through the click of a button. Kaia’s dad’s blog also said something I liked, “I started to think about how much trust we ask that parents put in us as teachers… What is the value in this experience? Is the risk of exposing ourselves and our children online worth the connections that will be made and the lessons that will be learned?”

Children worldwide can learn through a screen. My blog post, for instance, can be found by typing it in on Google. Half of me thinks that is great and the other half of me does not like be exposed like that with the click of a button. Teaching and learning in the future looks like it could all be through the internet. That is great, and I love my online classes, but I personally like the interaction. I don’t want technology to take over everything. Sometimes I think things need to stay the way they are. It all depends on how we look at things.

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  1. I also agree with interacting in the classroom setting. Technology is growing rapidly but I don't want to lose focus on the learning aspect! I am always "iffy" on how anyone in the world can access our facebook, myspace, twitter, etc with one simple click. It's great but it can have problems as well. Well done!