Thursday, March 18, 2010

My EDM 310 Survey

My questions and results for my survey were:
Are you pleased with your GPA? 51% said yes and 49% said no.

Do you feel overwhelmed with school at times? 66% said sometimes and 34% said all the time.

How many classes are you taking? 46% are taking 5 classes, 31% are taking 6 classes, 20% are taking 4 classes, and 3% are taking 3 classes.

What subjects do you enjoy? There were multiple answers ranging from math, English, dance, edm, art, music, science, and history.

What subjects could you live without? These to were multiple answers, opposite of what they enjoy. Most who put English as a favorite, for example, put math for a dislike.

Do you think you have good study habits? 48% said it could be better, 46% said yes, and 6% said no they do not.

How much time do you spend outside of class doing things for school? 36% said one to three hours, 29% said four to six hours, 29% said six or more hours, and 6% only study less than an hour!

Are you benefiting from EDM 310? 86% said yes and 14% said no.

Explain your answer from above (benefiting from EDM). Why do you feel that way? I had a range of answers. People feel they are growing with technology, some don’t think it is all necessary and don’t think it is suited for their teaching career, but others have grown to like it.

How much time do you spend working on this one class (EDM 310)? 66% said two to four hours. 31% said five to eight hours. 3% said less than an hour.

This is my survey and its results! =)

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