Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In this post we are to cover 9 items, here we go!

1. I have learned everything mentioned in that question. Blogs, picassa, twitter, PLNs, how to make a video, ALEX, ACCESS, everything with Google and Google Docs, podcasts, etc. The blogs and Google Docs will be useful to me as a teacher. Google is a great tool to keep me organized and everything is in one place. I am excited about blogging and participating in our alumni blog!

2. I honestly think we covered more than I ever thought. I was really nervous about this class, but it really is not hard, unless you just do not do the work. I have no complaints, and there is not anything that we did not cover that I think we should have.

3. There is nothing that I am going to “try to forget”. There are some items that I was not a fan of, but it was still very useful to learn. For example, me personally, I will not be making podcasts for my class. However, it was useful for me to learn how and try it once to get experience. All the things we did was to get us using different ways to communicate and experience technology.

4. I don’t think anything “excited” me to the point where I was estatic. I did enjoy using wordle and random little gadgets like that. Nothing made me mad though ☺. I liked blogging a lot, and being able to express my feelings.

5. The only thing that was intellectually challenging for me was having to make a movie and interview. Thankfully, I had a friend who was a classmate to interview, but I was nervous and embarrassed if I had to interview someone I did not know. Nothing though was too hard for me, I think it is only hard when you don’t try to do the work at all.

6. I was never bored. With this class you cannot get bored, because you always have something to do whether it is commenting, blogging, or projects.

7. I think the only thing I would change, is updating the syllabus. Having the instructional videos were very helpful, but I was always confused about what days we did not have class and what dates went where. The workload is fine, I usually got done with everything early!

8. I think that I am at the “Good” level of being technologically literate. I am not “Great” because there are always things to learn about. But I think that I am pretty good.

9. Maintaining my technological literacy will be done through the use of our alumni blog, and my PLN. I also usually keep up with the latest “gadgets”, such as Apple products, etc.

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  1. "Nothing made me mad though ☺" Your smile stands out! Thanks!
    " updating the syllabus. " Updating is underway. Will be "complete" by Fall. But then, it's never "complete" is it? Always more to learn and do.
    #8 You are much too modest!

    Thanks for the many contributions you have made to EDM310. You helped make it a wonderful experience for me. Thank you very much! I look forward to your continuing support through the Alumni Blog!