Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comments 4 Teachers! Week 13 and 14

My website was At the Teachers Desk .
"March 30 post- Are We Really Sure That Our Successful Students Are Really Successful?"
This blog was short and sweet but very interesting. Wm Chamberlain posted a quote by someone. “I've been in college for about 3 years now and it amazes me how i can pass classes without ever having to buy the books for them. I can just google any information i need and the informations is just as accurate.”
On April 8, I responded with this. “Hi! I am from EDM 310! I have even had classes like that, where I just have to study the night before and never buy books. Some of those classes I do remember things, but some I don't. In my classroom management class, we were talking about how we need to be teachers who don't just teach but we need to teach to learn. Our students should memorize items, but not just to write on a test and then forget. Our students should take what we have taught them and go with it.”

"April 13 post- Artcyclopedia: The Art Teacher's Best Friend"
There is a website “Artcyclopedia”, and if you love art or artists or museums, then this website is great! “It is a fine art search engine that allows you to search by the name of the artist, name of the art work, or even the name of a museum. It also has a list of clickable art movements that you can look at and get a quick overview.”
On April 14, I responded with this. “Hello, I am in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I love this website now, I am a huge fan of art and this will allow be to get much of what I am looking for! I love to paint in my free time and I have been looking for new tools and sites.”


  1. The quote was from Donte Rome's class blog. He is one of your fellow students at the university :)