Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 2- A Vision of Students...

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

I think this video captures most students’ college experience. For the majority of it, this video does capture mine. I like looking at stats and things like this video offered. At one point a student held up something that said all those hours they help up equal 26.5 hours. That is true sometimes, but students have to be efficient and effective to change that so they do have enough time in a day. Just yesterday I was subbing in a classroom, and I had some time to kill, so I made a little calendar with the days of the week and each hour of the day and made a schedule about when I work and when I study for each class. That’s what I have to do to stay on top of things and stay organized. I have alarms going off all the time on my phone reminding me to do stuff.

Certain things in this video I would change to fit me, such as I work four hours a day Monday through Friday, not two. Unlike some people, I do go to every class everyday and I sit and pay attention. I can’t learn if I am on Facebook or playing on my phone. I did agree with one sign that said they pay for hundreds of dollars for books that never are opened. It makes me sick when buying books, because most teachers require it, but we never use it or need it to study. I liked this video and thought it was a fairly accurate representation of a student.

"It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines

Ms. Hines post was actually very interesting, and I have to say that I agree a lot with her. I think that there should be a happy medium with teaching and technology. I don’t think that technology should always be included in the education process, but I think that it is a big deal in this 21st century. My ideal grade to teach would be 4th grade. I have my views on how I want to teach them and I will learn as I go. I don’t want to smack them over the head with textbooks all day, but I also don’t want them to do nothing but sit at a computer. Therefore, I think there should be a happy medium.

Like Ms. Hines mentioned as one of her points, teachers have to be learners as well. I know that in my first year of teaching there will be many things I’m going to be experimenting with, and my class and I can just learn together and take that adventure. Teachers do need to be update and keep up with technology, it’s all about playing with technology and learning it as you go. In Ms. Hines second point, I like what she said and so I am going to quote it. “If a student has not learned, not matter how much effort has been exerted, no teaching has been done.” Teaching and learning are not the same thing, and I think that quote is self explanatory and I will always remember that.

In conclusion, I think that a teacher who is willing to learn will make a great teacher.

Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

His whole point of this blog is that people can’t be technology illiterate. And I definitely agree. You don’t have to be a computer wiz, but if you are a teacher you atleast need to know how to communicate in the 21st century. Parent who have no clue what is going on is part of the reason that their child can’t do well in school. Little kids today know so much more than their parents when it comes to technology. Not knowing how to use at least a little bit of technology can hurt when trying to find a job and be successful. We need to atleast be willing to learn; if we can’t learn, we cannot help our students learn and be successful.

Pretty much every job you come across has some sort of technology that you need to know. I am an upcoming teacher and I think I know fairly a lot about technology and I keep up with what’s coming out. Upcoming teachers are the ones that are going to watch these future students grow up and we are the ones who are teaching them things they will carry with them. Everyday there is always some new update on technology and we can’t stop that. It is just going to get more advanced and we need to be ready.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

Oh my gosh, that kind of overwhelmed me when I clicked on the sentence because all of a sudden I see flashes of number increasing. That is just crazy. I wonder what that says about people? Hmm. As I sit and stare at the social media count change, it shows that the world is always going. It doesn’t sleep or take a break. As I looked at it, not once did a number just pause. People are blogging, looking at YouTube, signing up on Twitter and Facebook. Spending money on facebook gifts and virtual goods. What it means for me as an upcoming teacher, I definitely need to keep with all aspects of technology. I may not have to now everything about it or join in, but I at least need to know what is going on in the world. I will always need to be ready to learn. The world is coming out with newer and different ideas all the time. We have to prepare students for this.


  1. Don't forget technology includes much more than a computer. Using media such as dvd's, cd's, or even pictures can qualify. Why do textbooks have pictures? Because they are more engaging than just looking at text. We can follow this to the logical conclusion that rich, media enhanced lessons can be more engaging than typical worksheet, textbook, lecture lessons.

    Always keep in mind how you can use the technology you are learning about to give your students a better experience, not just a different experience.

  2. Your comment on "A Vision of Students" is great. Although I did not argue that students do have time, I completely agree with you. Students should not be playing on their phones or facebook during class. That is just irresponsible. Some students simply lack the drive it takes to get through college. Yes it is difficult, but it can be done if students "stay on on top of things and stay organized".

  3. Using a computer to communicate is quite different than "sitting at a computer." But the teacher must guide students in its use. That is one of the reasons I am so passionate about blogging!

    "Parent who have no clue what is going on is part of the reason that their child can’t do well in school. " You are correct! And those same parents often insist that we should go back to the basics - and maybe live in caves?

    Let's see. I am writing this at 11:12 am. In Auckland, NZ it is 6:13 am TOMORROW. The world is always busy!